Carlo Meijer

<p>Hi. I'm a PhD candidate at the Digital security group at the Radboud University Nijmegen. I'm currently under supervision of Bart Jacobs.</p> <p>My research focuses on analysis of already-deployed cryptographic systems in the wild. As of today, many people rely on cryptographic systems on a daily basis. Be it your through web browser, your public transport e-ticket, or your wireless router. Some of these systems have gone through extensive scrutiny. However, many have not.</p> <p>Within this category, the systems are often difficult to analyze because proper documentation and/or source code is unavailable to the public. Sometimes the difficulty of analysis is even relied on for security, which is a terrible idea. Most of my research follows a pattern of uncovering the details and inner workings of a system through reverse engineering, and subsequently analyzing (and often breaking) its security.</p>


35th Chaos Communication Congress


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