Andrea Jungaberle

medical doctor & psychedelic science activist


36th Chaos Communication Congress
English Andrea Jungaberle is a medical doctor specialized in Emergeny Medicine and psychedelic science activist from Berlin, Germany. She is one of the founders of MIND European Foundation for Psychedelic Science, a members based science organization with over 400 members worldwide. MIND's vision is to promote psychedelic science to build a healthier, more connected world through evidence-based, safe and legal applications of the psychedelic experience. Andrea's unique profile as both highly qualified health professional and psychedelic activist allows her to bridge the gap between mainstream healthcare and psychedelic science - serving as a translator between the two contexts, in order to allow for new synergies. Her medical profile includes Anaesthesia, ER and Intensive Care Medicine. She is also an international speaker and workshop facilitator in the field of psychedelic science and culture with a focus on integration practices.


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