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Julian mikroBIOMIK.org

Julian Chollet is a (no)mad scientist, curious student and informal teacher with a background in molecular biology. He is working on the endless and underexplored biodiverity of microbes, fungi and phages - with the aim to liberate the world from microphobia through workshopology, fermentation and microscopy. His current main project focuses on creative learning environments and public participation in science with emphasis on the invisible world.


36th Chaos Communication Congress
Resilience & Sustainability
The International Hackteria Network
HUMUS sapiens
The mikroBIOMIK Society

Part of the International Hackteria Network since about 2013 – and in constant exchange with scientists, hackers and artists around the world to organize workshops, temporary labs, hack-sprints, meetings and retreats. Founder of the mikroBIOMIK Society - an association for the promotion of intrinsic curiosity and participation in science - with a focus on invisible creatures. Initiator of the project HUMUS sapiens – a collaborative and open approach to soil research between several subcultural networks that started in early 2018. This is just the beginning!!


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