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Peggy Sylopp

Intermedial Artist and Computer Scientist mother of two daughters (*1995, *2005) Since 2017 I work as scientist in the field of personal hearing systems at Fraunhofer IDMT Oldenburg, starting with the citizen science project "Hear How You Like To Hear". My research method is influenced by sound art and music concrète. Beside this I realize art installations with sound, light and electronics, mainly the melting Twilight Ice Sculpture.


rC3 Hidden Talks, Remote Chaos Experience

Vita After a photo-technical education I first dedicated myself to various kinds of performing arts: music, theatre, pantomime, dance. I worked furthermore on photography, Super 8 film and video predominantly in environments for stages and live acts performances and behind the camera at live recordings in television. With the study of computer science at the Technical University Berlin, since 1999 the computer generated technologies became my major means of expression. Awards: 2015 scholarshop Goethe-Institut Porto Allegre, Brasil 2009 sound-video installation „SPECTRUM“ added into Skulpturenmuseum Marl 2008 Nomination for the Deutscher Klangkunst-Preis My works were shown among others in: Goethe-Insitut Porto Alegre (Brasil), Erbil (Kurdish Iraqi) and Beirut (Lebanon), Art Academy Lodz, WDR Studios for acoustical art and electronic music Cologne, Museum Glaskasten Marl, Melbourn (Australia), Limerick (Ireland), Shandon Craft Center Cork (Irleland), Goethe Institut Beirut (Lebanon), and in Berlin in 103Studio, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Technische Universtität, Art Center Friedrichstraße, Berliner Kunstsalon, Universität der Künste, Ballhaus Naunynstraße, Berlinische Galerie and Altes Postfuhramt. I live and work in Berlin. Some Art Projects: "Observation Space", exhibition about surveillance in Brasil During my 2 month art scholarship from Goethe Porto Alegre (Brasil) in 2015 we focused on monitoring, I organized the exhibition and took part with installations: "Eikonal“ with raspberry Pi Robots and life video stream „Spyramide“, tweet-installation with crt monitors I held two seminars art and computer science with UFRGS Porto Alegre My 10 years old daughter accompanied me „#nomoreweapons“ - Mauser 98 3D Print in real size art actions eg with Brasilian artists Antenna Rush http://pegxposts.tumblr.com/ Since 2009 Twilight - Ice Sculpture installlation 2012 "Twilight I" Ice Installation at Gallery "Odra Zoo", Stettin (Polen), https://youtu.be/EwxAIooPiBM?list=UU-p0_7BNJYUTyeC7EL3ntpw 2016 "Twilight III" Ice Installation @cbase, https://vimeo.com/176186171 2009 "Polar" - Ice, Dance Sound Performance, Brotfabrik Berlin http://peggy-sylopp.net/kunst/index.htm/PmWiki/POLAR Water.Ice.Air - Photography action cam photographies under water, videos etc 2014 "Aggregatszustände", http://e-mergingartists.blogspot.de/2014_09_01_archive.html Interactive Projections and VJing: "Mulching Feedbacks", Video Feedback System http://peggy-sylopp.net/kunst/index.htm/PmWiki/MulchingFeedbacks "Transient Mainstream", Motion Tracking http://peggy-sylopp.net/kunst/index.htm/PmWiki/TransientMainstream "Crackling Water", Motion Tracking http://peggy-sylopp.net/kunst/index.htm/PmWiki/CracklingWater nnerdy since 2015 Freifunk Berlin, "Internet Access is Human Right" https://radio.freifunk.net/2016/06/20/ffradio040-internetzugang-ist-menschenrecht/ since 2011 Chaos macht Schule Berlin (since 2014 low activity) 30c3, 31c3, 32c3 @kidspace sound pong installation 2014 #nomoreweapons lightning talk @gpn14 https://media.ccc.de/v/gpn14_-_5769_-_de_-_medientheater_-_201406212000_-_lightning-talks_-_eve_entropia#video


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