Leslie Dunton-Downer

Leslie Dunton-Downer is a writer living in Cambridge, Massachusetts. As recipient of the Berlin Prize in 2014, she co-produced with transmediale and NK Projekt "The Magical Secrecy Tour," a bus trip into the surveillance culture of Berlin on June 5, one year after Snowden.


31. Chaos Communication Congress
Art & Culture
Leslie Dunton-Downer

Leslie is a member of the Harvard Society of Fellows. Her most recent book, The English is Coming!, examines the global roots and reach of the English language in an Indo-European context some 10,000 years old. Co-authored works include a book about Shakespeare, and a study of the 9/11 Commission Report. As a producer: The California Mission Ride, a horseback journey to connect the 21 Spanish & Native American missions of California; CDs of sacred and secular music from the Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan; "Lars & Jonathan: A Berlin Friendship," a short fiction film starring Lars Eidinger and Jonathan Lethem.


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