Richard Marggraf Turley

Professor Richard Marggraf Turley is author of several books of literary criticism and fiction. He works at Aberystwyth University, where he is Professor of English Literature and the university’s Professor of Engagement with the Public Imagination.


31. Chaos Communication Congress

In addition to his interdisciplinary research on food security, Richard Marggraf Turley also works on the politics of surveillance. He regularly appears on radio to discuss his interdisciplinary arts and science work, and his research has featured in newspapers and journals worldwide, including The Guardian, Der Tagesspiegel, The Independent, Daily Mail, Neues Deutschland, LA Times, National Geographic, El Mundo, The Times Literary Supplement, Review of English Studies and Shakespeare Quarterly. His recent publications on food security include co-authored papers with Jayne Archer and Howard Thomas, and their forthcoming book, Food and the Literary Imagination (2014). His novel, The Cunning House, a crime novel set in the Romantic period, is forthcoming with Sandstone Press in early 2015.


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