C3Subtitles: Speaker: Markus Zimmermann

Markus Zimmermann

Markus Zimmermann (Berlin, D), studied Computer Science (Berlin, D) and Architecture (Vienna, Buenos Aires and Shenzhen).


32. Chaos Communication Congress

Between digital architecture – media – activism – motion theory. And intermediate cross-sections. Since 2009, he contributed to the HB2 Media Lab at Vienna University of Technology exploring experimental usages of moving images and digital media in the process of form and spatial definition methods, where intensive use of digital video, new media and efforts in cinematographic experiments as a new toolset for and within the architectural design phase were put into practice. His work is situated at the interface between media art, movie making, programming and digital architecture. Projects/Exhibitions/Lectures: TRIMARCHI DG (Mar Del Plata, ARG), 2007; MAISPACE (Vienna, AT), 2008; LEAD AWARD HAMBURG (Hamburg, DE), 2009; WITTE DE WITT / FESTIVAL OPENING (Rotterdam, NL), 2010; CODED CULTURES (Vienna, AT), 2011; FUTURE FLUXUS, DONAUFESTIVAL (Krems, AT), 2011; ORF KUNSTRADIO, RADIOKULTURHAUS (Vienna, AT), 2012; NASSAUISCHER KUNSTVEREIN (Wiesbaden, DE), 2012.


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