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Had no idea what to write so I give you the view of my daughter (enjoy, I did): mclien works in some business that has to do with something with IT. But the relevant thing is, that he is also a fulltime dad, constutcor of bikes, maker of rings and admin of all of our Linux computers.


32. Chaos Communication Congress
Hardware & Making
Some of my projects, I managed to document

Growing up with him as a father, I came to have a rather strange life. We used Linux since I can remember and always had some self-made bicycles instead of a car. There always is some project, or rather thousands of them at a time. Wether it is building a watch, helping with the Novena board, setting up a new server, installing a Freifunk rooter, building a door on which one can play Tetris or rebuilding our whole house while we live in it – he keeps our family busy and my mother at the edge of sanity. He also is involved with Premium Cola and the concept of descision-making by consensus, and tries to raise us in a way, that we're able to think out of the box and critisise the system. Gruß die Große


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