C3Subtitles: Speaker: Mark Ermolov

Mark Ermolov

I'am a system programmer that is intrested in security aspects of hardware, firmware, and low-level system sofware (bare-metal hypervisors, OSes cores, device drivers). I'am working in company Positive Technologies in Moscow at mentioned position.


34. Chaos Communication Congress, 33. Chaos Communication Congress

I've had talks at russian security conferences PHDays and ZeroNigths. One of the my previouse researches was about internal structure of Microsoft PathGuard and ways to compromise it. Another my most recent reserach was about how to disable Intel Management Engine. My professional intrestings also include virtualization technologies, low level GPU programming, reverse engineering of firmwares and device drivers. With Maxim Goryachy I have prepared to talk about Intel DCI - most recent and intriguing technology to organize low cost hardware JTAG debuging of latest Intel processors.


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