Sergey Gordeychik

Sergey Gordeychik doing security research, products and services for the last 15 years. Being Deputy CTO at Kaspersky Lab he was responsible for establishing the vision and leading the technological development for threat intelligence, cyber threat hunting, security assessment, incident response and vulnerability research. As CTO at Positive Technologies he led the development of Gartner recognized enterprise security products such as MaxPatorl, PT Application Inspector and PT Application Firewall. Sergey is architect, director and script writer of Positive Hack Days Forum, largest and most influent cybersecurity event in Eastern Europe. From 2012 he is leading SCADA StrangeLove industrial cybersecurity research team. Sergey is Cybersecurity MS programme supervisor and visiting professor of Harbour.Space University, Barcelona and has developed a number of training courses, including “Critical Information Infrastructure Cyber Resilience”, “Wireless Networks Security” and “Security Assessment of Web Applications,” published several dozens of articles in various titles and a book called “Wireless Networks Security”. He is a popular speaker on internationals security conferences such as CCC, S4, PacSec, CodeBlue, Area41, POC, Zeronights. MCSE since NT 4.0, MCT, MVP: Enterprise Security R & D, CWNA, CISSP.


35th Chaos Communication Congress
SCADA StrangeLove Project


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