C3Subtitles: 36c3-chaoswest: Don't trust your vendors - $ecurity can't be bought

Don't trust your vendors - $ecurity can't be bought

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The comprehensive, seamless, real-time, IoT capable, AI Intelligence Next-Gen Sandbox Platform Cyber Security Solution with Blockchain, Big Data and Deep learning. Nowadays tons of security buzzwords like these are used to sell products into corporate environments.

All this technologies have something in common: They probably cost a fortune and unfortunately often ending up as "shelfware". Or nobody is understanding them anymore. Resulting in high expenses, but no improvement of security because of misconfiguration or lack of interest.

This is not a talk against security solution vendors - It is talk about promoting to keep an eye on the fundamentals. Ideas and hints provided here are not only the base layer of defense, but also low-cost, low-technology and heck effective against the majority of threats. The talk is not about security management, but will include suggestion how to organize a security team.

This is a foundation talk for the many of our ordinary companies running Active Directory/Windows and mostly on-prem infrastructure. The ones which security requirements are not military or high-technology. And it is exactly these companies which are often victims of shotgun approach attacks. It is a talk for SMEs and for companies who simply want to improve their security defense, do their fundamentals and not break the bank for it.

Cut the bullshit bingo, let's start improving security defense in an ordinary company. Low-cost, low-technology and heck effective against the majority of threats.
This is a security defense & security foundation talk.

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Chaos-West Bühne
1:30 p.m.
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