Careables Online Exhibition - See you in Singapore!

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Careables started with a question, if we are all different, why do we care for everyone the same?! This question started a four-year-long project that focused on making healthcare systems more open and accessible to people with different needs and backgrounds. Careables are healthcare devices co-designed in a collaborative ecosystem where people become creators, not only innovation users. In our case, patients, their families, healthcare professionals and designers are involved in the co-design process as experts in their specific environments. Using Digital Fabrication and technology, Careables devices are produced and then made available through open knowledge documentation on the platform for others to replicate and customize to their specific needs.

During this presentation, visitors will take a tour of our Online Careables Exhibition, where they will see first-hand the devices our partners created from around the world. This will be followed by a Talk and Q&A session on how Careables evolved during this last year in different countries from the Global South and how the opensource making experience can change the future of health and care.

Careables invites you to a VR meet-up at our new online exhibition to talk about Open Health and the maker movement.

Careables supports the creation of open source and inclusive health care devices that are customizable to people's actual needs and are locally produced. Often patients use care solutions that do not fit their needs in terms of use, cost or aesthetics. Careables offers a platform for sharing open healthcare blueprints, including detailed documentation on facilitating the replication and adaptation of these technologies. Careables supports the creation of open source and inclusive healthcare devices that are customizable to people's health needs, using a participatory approach. It's a bottom-up digital social innovation focused on patients, healthcare professionals and makers. Careables methodology relies upon co-designing open-source health devices by implementing workshops, prototyping series, and innovation training targeting actors from healthcare, allowing these professionals to work together with other experts to find unique solutions.

Careables Moving Exhibition showcased in more than ten cities worldwide and is NOW available online in its Virtual form on Gather Town. The Online Exhibition takes us inside Engineering Good Makerspace in Singapore, where visitors learn more about Careables history and how it evolved in different makerspaces around the globe.

Join us for a guided tour and a walkthrough of our online exhibition, that is later followed by a conversation and Q+A with Ricardo Ruiz -North East Brazil-, Saad Chinoy- Singapore- and moderated by Geraldine Debastion. In this conversation, our speakers will talk about how Careables evolved during this last year and how the opensource making experience can change the future of health and care.

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