I am Joram and I work in science communication. I'm professionally trained as a molecular plant biologist, having worked as a phd student at the MPI for molecular physiology in the past. I am passionate about all biology and have a big love for science in general. I co-organized the Science Hack Day Berlin 2017 and 2018, run the blog and podcast Plants and Pipettes.


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I always wanted to communicate science – first as a science journalist, now as a science communicator. To get the theoretical background I needed to understand what's going in research, I studied biotechnology at TU Berlin, then followed it up with a PhD at the Max Planck Institute for molecular plant physiology. There I worked with tobacco to understand the biogenesis of important photosynthetic complexes. At the same time, I was involved with a number of outreach activities, both institutional and DIY science. I won a local science slam during the Potsdamer Tag der Wissenschaften, took part in outreach activities, and worked with elementary school children during an Umwelt-AG. I was very happy to be involved in the organisation of two Science Hack Day Berlin events in 2017 and 2018. As a side project of my involvement there I started the DIY Science Podcast together with Lucy Patterson which we launched at 34C3 in the Sendezentrum. My other passion is Plants and Pipettes, a blog and podcast I host and run together with my friend Tegan. Every week, we explore new current plant research in blog articles and discuss and present research in the weekly podcast. For the BMBF I created YouTube videos for erforschtCRISPR with which I recently won the second prize in the Fast Forward Science contest.


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