Jimmy Schulz

Internet since early 90ies, father, liberal, ICANN ALAC member since 2014, German MP 2009-2013, Obmann Internet Enquete, political scientist.


31. Chaos Communication Congress
Ethics, Society & Politics

Born 1968 in Freiburg, raised in Ottobrunn, studied in Austin/TX and Munich (American government, marketing, political sciences), Master in political sciences. Founded CyberSolutions 1995. Stock market entry march 2000. Being disapointed about the lack of Internet Know How in parliament joined the FDP in 2000. Founded a couple of IT and Internet companies, engagement against software patents, joined AK Vorrat 2006 in Munich. Refounded CyberSolutions 2006. Member of the German Parliament (Bundestag) 2009-2013. Full member of the Interior/Home Affairs Committee, FDP spokesperson in the Enquiry Committee "Internet and Digital Society", FDP Spokesperson in the Subcommittee New Media, Today: President of CyberSolutions Ltd. President of LOAD e. V. – Verein für Netzpolitik


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