Tobias Fiebig

BSc in Cognitive Science from University of Osnabrueck in 2012, MSc in System and Networkengineering from the University of Amsterdam in 2013, pursuing a PhD in $something_with_computers at TU Berlin since then. While I initially started with the security group of Prof. Seifert, my networking interests brought me into a dual-adviser-disorder situation, with Prof. Feldmann as my second adviser by now. I am currently working on measuring misconfiguration on the Internet, which basically boils down to telling people that there are no experts in OPS, and we do need usable and secure-by-default systems there, as well as for end users. While zMap used to be a fun tool to research misconfigurations, IPv6 is currently putting an end to this. Well... I am working on this,... In summary, following a statement from a collaborator of the first paper we published together: "Where the hell do you always get these stupid ideas?!"


33. Chaos Communication Congress


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