The Price Of Dissent

The surveillance state & modern day COINTELPRO tactics

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CAGE exists to highlight abuses of the War on Terror. It has uncovered many secrets of governments that they would like to remain secret, and is now one of the most targeted organisations in the UK. Hear how the state attempts to suppress dissent, and yet we manage to speak out.

The War on Terror is the primary justification used to invest ever-increasing powers to the security state. It is the reason why states have been able to amass the powers to conduct mass surveillance of millions of law-abiding citizens. The surveillance state continues to expand.

CAGE was formed to highlight the abuses of the War on Terror after the creation of Guantanamo Bay prison. It has uncovered the existence of secret detention sites across the globe, revealed the involvement of Western intelligence agencies in rendition and torture and has campaigned courageously on behalf of prisoners that have been tortured and held without detention and trial for years. Our work has been underpinned by an unshakable commitment to the principles of due process and the rule of law. Today, CAGE is leading the charge against one of the most draconian and intrusive Government policies that has ever been devised – PREVENT.

We are representatives of the ‘suspect community’ of our times. As a result of our challenging yet rational, evidence-based and measured contributions, our organisation has become one of the most targeted in the UK. Our bank accounts have been frozen, one of our directors has been arrested, our funders have been pressured, our homes & vehicles have been bugged... We’re constantly attempting to secure our communications and environments just to continue our work. From new encryption methods to Faraday bags.

The Security State is trying to marginalise each of us. But we are taking on the security state together and citizens are being empowered. There are many that agree with us and recognise what is to come...

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