How to contribute to make open hardware happen

Mooltipass, Openpandora/Pyra and Novena/Senoko: how I contributed and what was to be learnt on the path

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What to do if you are neither a hardware- nor a software expert and want to contribute in effords of openess neverseless? A short overview about what I have done so far, shown on 3 exaples: The Mooltipass, a offline password save. The Pandora/Pyra, a mini handheld, full Linux PC and its successor. Senoko, the Novena battery board. From "just" crowdfunding to producing, why it's worth to go through all the ups and downs and encourage others to do the same.

My very subjective views to the following projects I got myself more or less involved
The Mooltipass is a offline passwordstorage with 2 factor authentification, which is a open hardware development initiat around the hackaday community. Here I did simply crwodfunding, which is surely the easiest way to support open hardware. Untill it looks like the campagin is missing the goal and what you can do about it and what are good ways to set up perks.
The Openpandor and its successor the Pyra are chamshell designe mini handhelds mainly aimed for (retro)gaming, but also have the power to run as full Linux desktop PC. Here I give a view from what the whole community and the maker learned, including surviving the near death of the whole project and how you should/should not tread the community. Endurance will earn awsomeness.
The Senoko is the Novena Battery Board, which is easily producable, because it's open hardware, right? Why it is and is not somehow at the same time, why I started it alltogether and how to make it happen inspite of strange standardisation, customs and confusing notifications on your account statement.
And my peronal dos and don'ts that derivate from this expierence.

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