C3Subtitles: 34c3: Fuck Dutch mass-surveillance: let's have a referendum!

Fuck Dutch mass-surveillance: let's have a referendum!

Forcing the Netherlands to publicly debate privacy and the intelligence agencies

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Dutch intelligence agencies will soon be allowed to analyse bulk data of civilians on a massive scale, by intercepting internet traffic and through real-time access to all kinds of databases. They will also start hacking third-parties. My friends and I want to stop this. We started an action to enforce a referendum on the law. Surprisingly, it worked! How do we get most out of this opportunity?

In this talk I will discuss what the new spying law means for the Netherlands, how we campaigned to get 400k+ signatures, and the future course of the debate and campaign for the referendum (which is due in March). Finally, I would like to do a call to action, nationally and internationally.
The main concerns about the law are: the allowance of untargeted interception on a potentially massive scale. (Which the AIVD is framing as not being mass-surveillance, you judge for yourself.) This sparked an outcry from human rights activists, journalists, doctors, and others. Also, the hacking of third-parties is very uncool and has not yet been the subject of a strong public debate.
Both edges of the political spectrum are supporting the initiative, which shows how the erosion of privacy affects us all. Thus, our campaign tries to reach out to everyone. Now that the privacy debate is mainstream and #woke again, Team-Intelligence-Agencies is showing their teeth. But we’re biting back, even though we realize that we are five kids (and back-up) fighting something way bigger than ourselves. This means that we really need your support! You can help on so many levels that I won’t write them down, so I guess you should come see this talk.

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Saal Adams
2:30 p.m.
Ethics, Society & Politics
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